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Protecting Your Debit Card

Who to contact

Please contact us directly if you need assistance during regular business hours at 785-594-2100 or by email at

For credit card assistance during regular business hours, please call BBOK at 800-675-6284 or by email at

If you require immediate assistance after hours with a lost or stolen card or assistance with BillPay, please contact the appropriate number below:


Simply login to your online account or mobile device app and select Manage Alerts. There are many different options for alerts, and you may choose to receive an email, text message or push notifications (mobile app only) when the alert triggers. Set up alerts such as:

  • Account balance below $$ amount threshold
  • Password was changed
  • A transaction has posted to your account
  • Your loan payment is due soon
  • Transfer has failed

Debit Card Security

Our fraud protection service is a 24/7 service that will flag suspicious transactions and alert you with a text message or phone call. Replying to the text message is a quick way to lift any restriction or suspicion that your card or card information is being used fraudulently.

The new and improved Card Management section on our mobile app has added loads of new functionality.

  • View recent transactions and research where the transaction was made
  • Block your card from being used
  • See where your card is currently being saved online or by a merchant
  • Limit your cards ability to be used based on amount, location, merchant and transaction types
  • See analytical data about where you spend the most


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