Wiring Instructions

Wiring Funds to Mid America Bank

Domestic and international wire transfers are processed through our intermediary bank partner or the Swift system, respectively.  This process directly transfers funds from bank to bank using secure digital technology for Mid America Bank account holders.

In order for you (the beneficiary) to receive the funds, the sender needs to know:

    • Your Full name, as it appears on your account.
    • The full account number.
    • For domestic wires, your routing number (the second number at the bottom of your checks.)
    • For international wires, they will need our Swift Code in place of the routing number. Mid America Bank's Swift code is KAASUS41.
    • The Bank address for incoming wire transfers is:
      • Mid America Bank
        802 Ames St
        P.O. Box 4
        Baldwin City, KS 66006

Please Contact Us for written instructions, outgoing wire forms and more information.

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