Our Solar Program

Mid America Bank is excited to provide our customers the ability to “go solar”. In cooperation with Cromwell Solar in Lawrence, KS, we developed a leasing program that makes going solar smarter and more affordable than ever.

Solar - Schemm-FrontTraditionally one of the biggest hurdles to someone installing solar panels is the high upfront cost. With our new program, we offer customers the ability to install solar panels on their property with no down payment and no maintenance expenses. Instead, customers take on a monthly lease payment that typically ranges from 80% - 90% of their utility savings.

The savings a customer experiences varies based on a number of factors but is largely based on sun exposure. A great candidate for solar has plenty of south-facing roof space with abundant sun exposure. Another factor is your utility rate. An individual or business paying a high rate for electricity has greater potential for savings.

Not only do we lease solar panels to our customers, but we practice what we preach.

We have solar panel systems of different sizes and styles producing electricity to run our operations at each of our locations. The system on our main office in Baldwin City is a 12.0 kilowatt system installed in 2010. Since that time we have added 16.8 kilowatt systems on our Wellsville and Lawrence branches, including a unique solar panel-covered carport at our Lawrence location.

For more information about solar panels and whether you would be a good candidate, you can reach Cromwell Solar at (785) 749-6020, or visit their website at www.powertomorrow.com. For questions about our leasing program and how it works, contact Jeff Hill in our Baldwin City location or Casey Lytle in our Wellsville branch.